Victoria Chin


Necklace No.005

Necklace No.005


This ceramic necklace is designed and hand built in my Toronto studio, without the use of moulds, making each piece unique. The pendant has been fired in my kiln 3 times to temperatures over 1200℃.

Dimensions in inches: 1 ⅝” W X 2” H x 1” D

Dimensions in mm: 40 W x 50 H x 25 D

Chain Length: 27” / 685mm

Weight: ≅25g

Colour Options:

  • White Gold: porcelain clay + white glaze + gold lustre + 14kt gold-filled chain

  • White Silver: porcelain clay + white glaze + white gold lustre + sterling silver chain

  • Grey Gold: stoneware clay + clear glaze + gold lustre + 14kt gold-filled chain

  • Grey Silver: stoneware clay + clear glaze + white gold lustre + sterling silver chain

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If you would like to adjust the length of the chain, please leave us a note. We don’t usually recommend a longer chain as the ceramic pendant becomes more susceptible to hitting the edges of tables and desks. However, we’d be happy to ensure that each piece fits you.

Subtle variations and minor differences will occur naturally during the making process. Each necklace will come with a white canvas pouch and shipped in a jewellery box.

If this is a gift, we can add a personalized note. Just leave us a message prior to check-out.

Please feel free to reach out to us prior to placing the order, if you have any further questions.

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