Victoria Chin




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Victoria Chin is an emerging artist and designer based in Toronto, Canada. She received her Bachelor of Interior Design from Ryerson University, and obtained her Diploma of Advanced Studies in contemporary ceramics at the Geneva University of Art and Design in Switzerland. She completed a ceramics residency at Medalta in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and her work has been shown at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival and The Artist Project.

With a background in design, Victoria is particularly inspired by the structure and geometric forms found in architecture, which resonate throughout her work. She uses a spatial approach to create experiential installations that explore themes of time and memory. By integrating her design experiences into her ceramic practice, she aims to blur the lines between art and design.

Further to her installation work, she is currently working on a collection of jewellery and home accessories — OXVC. She is driven to produce timeless designs that are approachable and celebrate the materiality and processes in ceramics.